Pay Band Structure
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DCIPS Work Levels

  • Entry/Developmental
    In both the Professional and the Technician/Administrative Support Work Categories, work at this level includes learning and applying basic procedures and acquiring competencies through training or on-the-job experience. Positions in the Technician/Administrative Support Work Category at this level may involve independent performance of duties. Technician/Administrative Support positions should be placed in this work level when their primary function is the execution of established office procedures and standard program practices, and when typical career patterns for the occupation do not extend to the complexity, variety, and scope of the Full Performance Work Level.

  • Full Performance
    Work at this level involves independently performing the full range of non-supervisory duties assigned to the employee. Employees at this level have successfully completed required entry-level training or developmental activities either within the employing organization or prior to joining the organization. Employees at this work level have a full understanding of the technical or specialty field, independently handle situations or assignments with minimal day-to-day instruction or supervision, and receive general guidance and direction on new projects or assignments. Within established priorities and deadlines, Full Performance employees exercise independent judgment in selecting and applying appropriate work methods, procedures, techniques, and practices in accomplishing their duties and responsibilities. Actions at this level may have impact beyond the work unit and, as a result, employees at this level typically collaborate internally and externally with their peers.

  • Senior
    Work at this level involves a wide range of complex assignments and non-routine situations that require extensive knowledge and experience in the technical or specialty field. Receiving broad objectives and guidelines from the supervisor, Senior Work Level employees independently handle a wide range of complex assignments and non-routine situations and exercise independent judgment to identify and take alternative courses of action. Following broad objectives and guidelines, employees act independently to establish priorities and deadlines within expectations established by the supervisor and exercise individual judgment to choose alternative guidelines to complete assignments. Employees may lead and coordinate special projects, teams, tasks, and initiatives and may be required to build and utilize collaborative networks with key contacts within and outside of their immediate organization. Actions at this level are likely to have an impact beyond the employee's immediate organization.

  • Expert
    Work at this level involves an extraordinary degree of specialized knowledge or expertise to perform highly complex and ambiguous assignments that normally require integration and synthesis of a number of unrelated disciplines and disparate concepts. Employees at this level set priorities, goals, and deadlines and make final determinations on how to plan and accomplish their work. DoD Components with DCIPS positions rely on employees at this level for the accomplishment of critical mission goals and objectives and, as a result, employees may lead the activities of senior and other expert employees, teams, projects, or task forces. Employees at this level create formal networks involving coordination among groups across the Intelligence Community and other external organizations.