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IC Joint Duty ProgramThe IC Joint Duty Program offers civilian intelligence professionals (GG-11 thru senior executive level) opportunities to broaden and enhance their skills by experiencing the Intelligence Community beyond their home element. The IC Joint Duty Program helps to develop intelligence professional’s understanding of how the other element operates, work to meet that organization’s mission mandate, and promote integration at all levels. During the Joint Duty rotation, you are immersed into the gaining elements work and culture. You bring back to your parent organization all the new skills and contacts you’ve acquired during your assignment.



For more information read the Intelligence Community Joint Duty Program DoD Swap Pilot Brochure.

Also take a look at the IC Joint Duty Swap Program Frequently Asked Questions and the DoDI 1400.36 Joint Duty Instruction.

Are you a Non IC DoD element with DCIPS Employees: To post opportunities on the Joint Duty webpage, please see below:

JDPO Guidance for Non-IC Vacancy.pdf  &   JDPO USE_Non-IC Vacancy Template_POC INFO.pdf


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OUSD(I)/HCMO Conducts Successful 2016 DOD Joint Duty Swap Pilot & Human Capital Leadership Summit

The Human Capital Management Office (HCMO) conducted a very successful launch for the DoD Joint Duty (JD) Swap pilot. This event brought together Hawaii-based Human Capital leaders and subject matter experts to collaborate and address how to increase JD swap opportunities and assignments in Hawaii. Discussions included an overview of the JD swap process along with an introduction to Tapioca, which is an NSA-developed social networking application that can be used to find potential JD swap matches. HCMO spear-headed the Joint Duty Swap Fair which enabled employees and supervisors to explore more fully specific swap opportunities with DoD components. Additionally, Mrs. Sara Ratcliff, Director, Human Capital Management Office, met with senior leaders in the Pacific Command AOR and addressed critical human capital challenges in the region. The trip concluded with technical/functional site visits to U.S. Army Pacific Command, Joint Interagency Task Force –West, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System employees from the various services and Combat Support Agencies attended the site visits. All Human Capital Leadership Summit & Joint Duty Swap Pilot presentations contains FOUO information and are available upon request only.

 Please submit request to: OSD Pentagon OUSD Intel Mailbox HCMO-DCIPS

Day 1, Session 1 Presentations:

  • ONDI Representative Comments
  • Joint Duty History & SWAP Initiative
  • Joint Duty Swap: Using Tapioca (What is Tapioca) [JD Swap 101 Briefing]

Day 1 Session 2 Presentations:

  • IC Applicant Gateway [NGA_2015_Initial NGAwid results_09015]
  • Work life Balance [NBIB Human Capital Leadership Summit]
  • Navigation Program (Navigation_Hawaii Briefing)
  • Intelligence learning Network Courses & National Intelligence University [LifeJourney_NSAH]
  • Hiring Delays Caused by OPM Breach [ILN NIU Presentation]
  • Employee Engagement [IC Applicant Gateway Overview 07132016]
  • NSA Day of Cyber [eNGAge Information Brief]

Day 1 Session 3 Presentations:

  • DoD Force of the Future Update [Force of the Future]